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100. Human technics and people who use them
original uploaded on 2016/11/10 16:34 (GMT)

Japanese Edition of this blog page
We can teach "generalized and theorized technics" to others
by words in almost all cases.

When "we reproduce actions by learning by our bodies
through watching, listening and tasting experiences,"
we must reconstruct them by emerging senses of body feelings
in our bodies and minds.
So there are two types of people,
that is, people who can do it
and who can not do it.
(Sense of feelings is one of unable copying materials from others perfectly.)
But technics which can be taught by words,
we can understand easily by logic
and reproduce them in our brains easily.
So everyone can get them.

This situation is the same
for people who feel very bad when they annoy others and do not want to annoy others
and people who feel good when they annoy others.
If his abilities are enough to learn them,
he will certainly be able to use such technics.

I think situations of skills for catching others hearts
are also in the same situation of above.
We can estimate
"When I act as this, others will be pleased by my actions,"
or "When I act as this in this situation,
other's reactions will be preferable."
So, I think
people who is dull to others hearts and is good at controlling others hearts
must be doubtful that he only has and uses such skills by patterns.

Because our technics are only instruments,
everyone can use them in all ways.

But how to use them represents technic user's heart.

So, we must mind "Why does he do such actions?"
and see through his real heart,
or we are controlled acting along with his wills.

If we can see through and know his real heart,
we can deal with him appropriately,
because we are not controlled by him or his words.

I think, effective ways to know his real heart are,
1. to look at his actions carefully
2. to ask him many many questions to be satisfied from our bottom hearts,
when we do not understand his actions.

I often meet situations
that evil people know only technics to control others as their wills.

Without such actions,
evil people could not survive safely, I think.
(If evil people do not deceive others,
they are noticed to be evil.
I think such situation is not advantage for evil people.)

So in my site,
I wrote many times what will happen
when someone use my contents for disturbing others.
A person must be able to live only in people, I think.
I think people who want to disturb others
easily lose their trusts of others
and they have tough times to live in our society.

So I alert people who want to disturb others
to be careful to use my contents.
After showing my attitudes for them,
I do not want to open my technics and thinkings.
(I strongly want to know "For what purpose evil people use these technics?",
when they study them.)

And I think that fakers cut and sell his acting and living fields
(that is, his believers).
So once they are exposed to be evil,
they can not do his businesses to them.
(I think new borns have risks to become his future targets.
So it is important that we must surely inform them his reality.)
We do not lose markers on fakers.
They can live only with his believing
that they have not been noticed their real statues by us, I think.

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