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125. Qualities of information
original uploaded on 2016/11/26 16:36 (GMT)

Japanese Edition of this blog page
One of usual deceiving methods
is "to mix truth and fake."

So, in my site,
basically I make a condition that
you all can personally check which my information is correct or not
(there must be, in this world, at least one person who can check my information.)
Then I wish you enjoy my site.
For satisfying that condition,
I start my all tellings from showing premises (discussion's forward conditions) which you can check
or other people's achievements.
Then I show my thinking trails to my conclusions.

My methods for informing my information applys
a checking system in research fields,
where we want to judge objectively human wisdom (papers' conclusions) is correct or not
without errors as less as we can do as humans
and want to glow our human wisdom.
(We all can retest any papers' conclusions
and we all can recheck any papers' conclusions.)
So, I wish all people to read my articles with doubtful eyes,
that is, at first, you think my article is nonsense or fake.
It is a good condition for me, I think.

Why I am on a such stand point is
you are easily deceived by believing words mixed truth and fake.
And this happened when you can not distinguish information truth or fake
word by word by yourself.

(I strongly doubt a status of "someone says so, so I believe so.")

So, what we can do is
we must trash from our brains
all information we can not know or check as true,
information mixed truth and fake also.

I know only this way to treat fake information.
Because people who want to deceive you
mixed truth and fake for deceiving you.

<Additional Writings> 2018.11.06 Biased information is also doubt, I think.

I think biased information is also doubt,
because it does not show that information itself's quality correctly.

We must judge any information with its background, I recommend.

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