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183. Liking of music
original uploaded on 2017/02/08 13:48 (GMT)

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I went to a concert between my articles uploadings today.
(I can have a fun time.)
I heard them and I felt that they used naturally their instruments as those instruments originally are,
and their sounds are very beautiful and with their solid skills.

At other places, I also found a fact that I want to talk about here.
It seems that each person has his only liking of music.

I think beautiful sounds are good for us (including me), don't you?
But that is not everyone's case.
In fact, there are people who said "These beautiful sounds irritate and annoy me, so they are not fun for me."
and they rapidly leave there.

I really found such people.
And in other case,
there also are people who envy professional performers,
although they came to hear them.
(I became to feel so good by their sounds today and I rode on their sounds lightly and moved my body with their sounds in my seat.)

I think that such unreasonable and unbelievable audience
may come to any classic concerts which usually aim to making heaven sounds.
But at least they must be calm there.
Even if their sounds do not fit their likings,
it is unreasonable that such audience complain them during their performances.
If someone come to hear his unliking music genre concerts,
I understand his difficulties of his fun for their music,
but at least he must hear them with his interest.
Otherwise, I can not understand why he is there.
Complains during performances are definitely disturbing actions to others, I think.
(We can give such audience's seat to one who wants to hear their sounds from his heart.)

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