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198. About straight memorizations
original uploaded on 2017/03/01 05:20 (GMT)

Japanese Edition of this blog page
I wrote an article,
"Why do not we study anything by straight memorization?"
in a category, "Start from deep points" of my web site.
I uploaded Japanese edition of that article
when I opened Funnysteps (on 2016/07/22).
I never recommend straight memorization method.

To memorize blindly without any questions
huge amount of knowledge (items) which you do not understand enough
and about which you do not know what is
leads attitudes to input anything into your brain
without checking whether it is right or not,
or whether it is appropriate condition or not,
or whether it suits your heart or not and so on, does it not?
To check matter's true means is equivalent to understand that matter itself.
When you memorize straightly any items,
you input them into your brain without any checkings and any questions.
So you do not value matters to memorize
(that is, without any judges whether it is good or bad)
and anything will enter your brain without your brain selections.
(That point is the worst point, I think.)

So you will become to look to be good at studying school matters
and you will look a fast leaning child on the surface.

(In fact, I think that it is the fastest case
when you lead theories (we are usually called them formula) during your exam times.

Actions, "Though I do not know what it is and for what I learn it,
I learn by heart without any questions,"
are same to follow others words blindly
that is, without minding true meanings and attempts
of recommending (or ordering) people's words.
So you become to a pappet of someone's words and someone himself.

I can not recommend such your attitudes to become your custom life style.

And more,
I think that people who recommend or order such memorization methods to others
also may have been glowed by such methods.
That learning style never suits my brain.
And I prefer to invent new and important ideas by myself
rather than to memorize blindly items which other people prepared or selected.

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