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230. I made my original drum
original uploaded on 2017/03/22 09:34 (GMT)

Japanese Edition of this blog page
I made a new drum, my original one.
I have had a longing for my original instruments for a long time
and I have wanted it from my jounior high shool.

And then I made it.
I found it is very useful
and it has many kinds of sounds.
So I want to introduce you it.
(If you like it, let's play it.)

I found "a drum" at Japanese 1 dollar shop "Diso."
It is for kids (over 6 years old and definitely forbidden for under 3 years old.)
I wondered what sound it has.
So I bought it.

This is that.

I pick up it from a bag,

its figure is above.
(Sorry. When I played it, I dropped it.
So its string handle was broken.
But I can use it with no problem.)

When I hit it with sticks in that bag,
I can hear some sounds.
It seems not to be good that it put directly and flatly on a floor.

In fact, to my amazement, this drum's sounds change.
Let's pinch this drum's one side rim (a silver plastic one.)
You will find its sound will be distorted.
(Please hit it in original,
and please know about this instrument and be friends with it.)
I think I do not know a drum with distorting abilities during actual playings.

I was fun with only that character.
In fact, we can modify it (that is, DIY.)

We can disassemble it as above.
(Its side is made of a paper.
So we can change its height.
However we must find something to fix them,
for example, springs with adjusted length.)

And then, I bought

at "Daiso."
I put
and I reassemble them.
(I put 8 balls in it.
But you can change the number of them
and in stead of balls, you can put Japanese bells in it.)

I finished making my new original drum.

When you shake it,
you can hear sounds like "bombom" or "shakeshake" from it.
Let's hit it and shake it and hit and shake it at a same time.

This instrument can born various sounds
So I think you will enjoy playing it.
You can join a band with this new instrument.
Or you can hit and shake it with your liking records and CDs
for playing an accompaniment and for joying with original creators.
Or you can go KARAOKE with it.
My new original drum has many usage and is good one, I think.
(I love to play the piano
for representing my feeling along with sounds of records and CDs.
I feel my playing will be a reply for those sounds.)

Let's apply your various poses and your various sounds
and enjoy with it.

It will be fun.

And for additional notices,
it has notations on a back of its paper.
In this drum case, I added small beads in it,
So when a small kid want to play it,
please be sure to take care him of not drinking them.

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