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235. Humans acts and his responsibilities for those
original uploaded on 2017/03/28 09:43 (GMT)

Japanese Edition of this blog page
Let's assume a situation that "a person who feels good when he disturb others"
is in this world.
As I wrote in 220. Difference between people,
this figure of a person is leaded by logic.
But I think a person who you may doubt as "such a person"
may be around you.

Let's think what condition is preferable for "a person
who feels good when he disturb others"
Even if he disturbs others or do a crime on others,
he will not be blamed by others
and survive such situations
and continue living as a same life as before doing a crime
and live to the end of his natural life
I think.
(To represent such condition,
they seem to say "follow through with a crime."
(I heard that phrase in Japanese.))
So I think that for a criminal,
it is most important "not to be blame",
that is, "not to make him take his responsibilities full".

For that purpose,
they may construct new environments of our society.
For example,
by making a social system not for taking his responsibilities,
(New lawmaking is also in this category, I think.)
by cultivating dull people for crimes which happen around them,
that is, by educating their children or their younger people or their junior fellows
not to notice the existences of crimes in their lives and in front of their eyes
because who notices and finds new occurring crimes is a man.
And in the end,
definitely an important point is
not to be noticed that he is such an evil person by others
and not to be labeled as such

In these days, in Japan,
I was given sales receipts without checker's names.
And more, at such stores,
there are store staffs without their nameplates.
(This is in a major convenient store case.)
I do not know who he is
and only that store has his data.
So I want to take his photos for my recording,
when I am worked at the register at that store.
(As of now I only think that.
But if I feel that needs, I strongly want to take his photos.)
Shop service without shopper's name is the first step of avoiding taking his responsibilities,
I think from all aspects.
(When I am done some crimes on by him,
I can not know who he is instantly.)
It is a doubtful situation that shoppers and company staff members
who do not take his responsibilities by his company's bylaws
exist in our society
, I think.

And when we educate others,
we must have a policy of educational ideas,
that is, what figures of a person is preferable for us
Without those ideas, we can not educate anyone.
We have not better think "He is one of educators, as we say.
So he is great and nice."
Rather than that, we have better think
"He is a good person, because he is a educator
with educational ideas which are XX."

Every "educator" has each educational ideas and actual educational methods.
So we can distinguish them.
We must check them well.

And I think it is very important for a evil man
to slip into normal people's crowd
(that is, good people's crowd, as we usually say)

by saying "I am not a person who feels good when he disturbs others"
in this way and that way.
I want to concretely say,
his actions are "mimicries to a good man."
A phrase of "I with you is the same" is a very useful phrase for evils, I think.
For normal (that is, good) people,
it is hard for us to estimate hearts of "people
who feels good when he disturbs others".
(By any possibility, if such evil feelings naturally arise in your heart,
I think you are one of "people who feel good when they disturb others".)
Usually we estimate other's feelings
with comparing them to our own feelings
I think.
So, when we hear "I with you is the same," even if from a evil person,
we assume he is also "a person who feels bad when he disturbs others"
like us
Then we never notice his real statue and his real feelings.
That is, when we hear that and believe him as his words,
heard people's marks on evil people will be vanished in heard people's heart.
(Normally, we do not have a same character each other.
And I love the existence of wide varieties of our characters.
So I wonder about what this "same" of "I with you is the same" points out at all.)
By saying that, evil people can pretend to be good people
and in results of those actions
evil people can slip in crowds of good people.

I think evil people invent another way not to be blamed.
In the end,
"a person who feels good when he disturbs others"
will feel good to annoy others
or to do crimes on others
or to do bad things.
So he wants to annoy others
and to do crimes on others
and to do bad things.
I think "a person who feels good when he disturbs others" has such characters.
These people are very annoying people for us.

<Additional writing> (In Japanese edition, I added on 2017.03.28)
Oh, I forgot an important point relating this article.
Making other annoy others
or do crimes on others
or do bad things
is also one of ways to avoid taking his responsibilities.
Because we can track any line of commands,
commander of crimes can not run away, I think.
Normally we definitely do not want to take responsibilities for what other one did.

And I think an example of Japanese preWar period.
Japanese preWar period system could have easily allowed every Japanese including Japanese politicians
to avoid taking his responsibilities for his actions or his selections.
In that system, Japanese emperor owned all responsibilities of Japanese,
because they think they did anything for Japanese emperor and Japanese country itself
by saying "under the guise of Japanese emperor."
(But in results, after World War II other men were claimed as war criminals
and must have taken his responsibilities, according to my understandings.)
But in a present Japanese society,
we, all Japanese including Japanese emperor,
must take only our own responsibilities by ourselves
(Must we so?)

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