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263. Introduce of my made instrument (Makitsuki-tripod)
original uploaded on 2017/04/17 14:57 (GMT)

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Sometimes I want to use my made instruments.

When I made (or invented) instruments by myself,
by added some my original attempts,
I can make it to fit my using needs completely.

I think I will use them sometimes outside my house.
But if you do not look at them in advance,
only a word "Strange" will arise in your head
and occupy all your brain, I afraid.

Today I want to intrduce "Makitsuki-tripod."

I want to use it like below.
I want to take videos for personal recordings.
(Especally for trains. I missed good pictures today.)

It is made by steel wires, marijuana strings
and 1/4 inch bolt and nuts for camera tripod hole.
A whole image is like blow.

Its head is like this

to increase its strength.
(It does not distort by a weight of a compact digital camera.
A camera at upper image has a hole for tripod near its corner.
But it can keep its position at least for an hour.)

At its foot,

a foot of steel wire comes out a little to tie marijuana strings.

We usually use twisted steel wires
to keep positions of clay modelings.
I use that mechanism to increase tripod arm's strength
and free modifing abilities.

I think that total cost is around 200 yen.

I coverd steel wires by marijuana strings.
So I do not injured twisted subjects by its arms.

I allow you to make steel wire tripod like it freely with this article.
But do not take any pictures by which you annoy others.

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