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313. Distinguishing people and Killing people
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Japanese Edition of this blog page
There are no two men with all their characters same in this world.
Even in a case of identical twins,
one looks his outer world from their right side
and another from their left side.
So that fact may cause their differences.
The first of all their differences is their order of their birthes.
And till and during their adult time,
their experiences are quite difference from each other.
So we can easily distinguish them.

Every human has his life
and his heart
and his emotions such as pains or sad or joy like me,
and his everyday life
and his future
and his past
and his now
and his important environmental people,
and his life goes on joyfully
(may so).
So from basic view points,
by any reasons such someone is a man
or a woman
or which kind of human types
or which kind of human races
or which kind of ethnic groups,
no one can say "he or she is inferior than me"
or "I hate him or her."
(From my view point, criminals are in any human types
and any human races and any ethnic groups.
So I can never say which human race is superior than other races.
I have never heard which human race's brain power is the highest as science reports.)

We often jokingly boast ourselves each other about our strong genre.
(I think such genres are very widely various in this world.)
We also have some personal charm points (almost always, I think).

...I think so tentatively.
Why I say here "tentatively" is
because I think we must another factor of humans.
In fact, I strongly doubt humans have two groups.
(that is, "people who feel bad when they disturb others"
and "people who feel good when they disturb others."
Details are in 220. Difference between people.
My these two boxes never mind
which sex he or she is
or which kind of human types
or which kind of human races
or which kind of ethnic groups
or which group he is in other deviding ways.
Oh, please read to the end.
I will write ture meanings of my words below.

I think people who attack others in war times or some other their chances
and people who treat others cruelty
often treat others as "not humans" at the same time.
They seemed not to feel any regrets for their doings,
because they had decided selfishly others as "not humans"
and they also think selfishly their doings are allowable ones.
(I definitely do not think so
and those words are inconceivable.)
They seems to distinguish them from people,
who they decide selfishly as "not humans" by some nonsense reasons.
(But I think the truth may be opposite one as we thought before.
That is, I am very afraid that they may use such reasons to satisfy their wants to kill humans,
especially because of their nonesense reasons.

Caution!!! I am definitely against their actions and any reasons of their actions. OK?)
(What kind of people who are Old Japan Army officers of Unit 731
in Today's NHK Special
Truth of Unit 731
~Elite doctors and experiments on a human body~

(Caution: Title translation by Masao Takaku not by NHK)
Some doctors in Unit 731 became professors after war,
after they came back to Japan.
They looked like without any shames, I think.
People who do not treat others as humans can not be doctors definitely, I think.)

So I think that distinguishing others as "not humans" is very very horrible action.
Historical facts, which human kind did actually,
like wars, genocides, killings people cruelly and so on,
and crimes
show us such horrible facts.

And I wrote as above,
in my blog article 220. Difference between people,
I showed you two boxes, which can divide all humans in two kinds.
This two boxes' labels are
"people who feel bad when they disturb others"
and "people who feel good when they disturb others."
(Whether someone's intelligence abilities are high or low,
or whether someone has some handicaps or not
is not a matter for these boxes.
Then, my thoughts developed to 222. A representation of "A devil is in one's heart".
(In this article 222,
I thought whether someone who disturb others can clean up his bad acts
or his later actions can not be changed correctly
for he feels joys by disturbing others.)

If my boxes ideas leaded to killing people or future genocides,
my publication acts are very dangerous
even though I noticed and found my boxes in my mind.
But "someone is feeling good now" or "someone is feeling bad now" is a fact
that is actually known only by himself.
So other people can not decide it.
Which box he belongs is only known by himself.
And we can not know other people's belonging box.
So I can only point out
possibilities of existences of "people who feel good when they disturb others."
And my this discussion is over
, "I thought."
Why I wrote here "I thought" is not because I failed.
In principle, my discussion is surely over
and I only wanted to have pointed out possibilities of bad people's existences
and my boxes can not be used in practical any usages but only in our hearts.
(I am in "people who feel bad when they disturb others" box,
so I do not know feelings of people in another box.)

As I imagined in 306. cherry blossom viewing party and mats,
I strongly feel that "I do not want to be with disturbing people anymore."
But as I pointed out in 302. Where is relations with you and he or she?,
There are people who strongly and clearly show their actions
that they do not want to change their wrong actions to the other person,
even after they got additional information, for example, the other person's feelings to him,
which is very clear infomation
and important to build healthy relationships to others, I think.

From such disturbing people,
I really heard "I know I am a person who is not in your side group
(that is, I want to disturb you
and I am aiming at you as a chase now)."
I do not know whether they really know what meanings of thier saying words shown.
(I am afraid that they might do dangerous actions for their stable lives in our societies.)
I strongly think and know that they do not want to shake hands with me.

I want to say from my side situation
that I do only treat them according to their wills,
that is, "I do not want to be cooperative with you"
(This is not my words, but I also want to say that to them).
So I am not brought any problems by such people.
I "only but strongly" hope them to go away from our group.
I think my such operations are done in a very very humane manner.
So this situation is actually a very happy one for me,
because any person who wants to be cooperative with others
will NOT become a perpetrator.

My first intent of publishing my boxes ideas
is that I want you to use that concept
for your self-protections
(I wonder what they who want to disturb others
and who can not be with others peacefully due to such wants
will do after.
I also doubt they do not know about our societies systems' true statues enough,
because their bad actions will lead them to their disadvantage statuses in our societies,
for example, by losing their trust from other people.
Maybe I wonder about their future situations,
but I may not mind whatever will happen to them,
because every their situation will have been selected by themselves.
I want to think a great deal of their self-decisions and their wills.
I never change other people's minds
and I do NOT think I can change human mind.

And more,
I never employ such people
and I do not need such people for my friends.)

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