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323. & 325. JUMP!!
original uploaded on 2017/09/01 16:43 & 2017/09/04 15:41 (GMT)

Japanese Edition of this blog page (323)
Japanese Edition of this blog page (325)

New semester coming!! (In Japanese case, 2nd semester begins today, 1st September.)
I have a chance of "Something to say!"
So I tried to make it,
then I made it.
(It is difficult for me to make something every semester start, I think.)

Here you are.
(Let's see next article for another baking version of this song.)

Japanese version.

I like to make something new by myself.
It is pleasure for me rather than anything to do.

I made English version. (2017/09/04)
(I can made everything to need,
so my creating speed is fast, I think.)

For my Surprised,
my regular recording device, Nikon Camera D7000, crashed yesterday (3rd, September).
And it says only "Err" and it does not want to work anymore.
And more, I can not find my small electric sound recording device for music recording.
So I must have recorded English version by old one.
(Oh!!!! It is a big unhappiness for me!!!!)
I translated it in English today, on 4th, September.
(I think I made even translation.)
After my situation is recovered,
I want to recording my song again.
(And I think my song a little gets up of steps with my backing.
But I made a go sing for now.)

Here is scores.
One is for Japanese version and another is for English version.

Whichever version you can print out in A4 size paper.
(Please set your computer setting for A4 paper printing.)

I also made Karaoke movie (only baking mode).

For Japanese lyrics,

For English lyrics,

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