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327. Representations of "A child of "
original uploaded on 2017/09/07 07:30 (GMT)

Japanese Edition of this blog page

I deeply thought about representations of "A child of ."
(Japanese also has quite similar representation about that. I was surprised.)

Far before someone A say about someone B using a turn of phrase, "A child of ,"
there was a person C who made a value of
and notified people generally and widely
how much value has
and how high skills needs.

For example,
this man C is a teacher of someone B who is said as "A child of ."
How this teacher grew and became such a big statue is
by getting experience widely and deepening his views of various things by himself.
Then he made such big skills, I imagine.
One of his various skills became famous.
(His unknown skills by other people may be needed to support his other skills or his original skills.)

Let's think about someone B who is said as "A child of ."
He did not need to get his own experience widely and to deepen his views of various things by himself.
He only learn his skills from a teacher C.
By only that action,
he can become to be said as "A child of ."
His skills and views are not even or are under his teacher C's level.
(B does not have a very broad base to produce C's skills.)
In Japanese term, we have " (Shu Ha Ri)",
which means three stages of learning mastery,
that is, the first stage " (Shu)" is learning the fundamentals from his teacher and keeping as his teacher's lectures,
the second stage " (Ha)" is breaking (or modifying?) traditional ways by adding his original devices and his original tries,
the third stage " (Ri)" is parting from traditional flows and going his only way.
When he succeeded in the third stage,
he graduates from learning from his teacher and he becomes a master, we think.
I think B is only at the first stage, " (Shu)," and he is not a master yet.

So for everyone,
it is important to make new original skills by himself.
To make original ones,
we must make each original database, that is, his original views, I think.
(Do not memorize straightly to make your database.
Let you memorize anything after understanding from your heart.)
Someone's copy usually has no value in comparison to original,
because, in general, in such situations,
someone's copy is only a inferior copy of those original.

As long as someone is said as "A child of ,"
he can not become bigger than his teacher (that is, he is inferior to his teacher) forever, don't you think so?
I think he is not so big.
(Sometimes I found people who can not feel other people's skill's (and pieces') values and who can not judge them by themselves.
To judge appropriately, one must have enough cultural grounding in a filed of other people's pieces.)

<Another Writings> 2017.09.07
About abilities of imitating other people

In a related move,
I want to speak about "Someone can imitate other people."
I definitely think he can not imitate other person D,
if he does not have needed skills to imitate him (D).
So he can prove his skills' levels by imitating other people, I think.
I think he must have studied them to learn them (as badly saying, to copy them,)
and he can appeal his studies and his serious attitude at least.

And more,
unless we do not have enough skills "to represent (that means our original projects),"
we can not represent and can not show other people them.
So we must need enough skills "to represent (that means our original projects)."
Learning skills which already exist in this human world
is very important.

We must think another factor.
" (that means our original projects)" is usually valued much,
if including ideas of " (that means our original projects)" is too new to be compared to other projects.
So good project is usually over comparing rulers (that is over rankings or no ranking, such as information on the difficulty of entrance exams).
Then, "abilities of imitations of , which has generally been accepted its level"
can show his levels of his skills of at least line.

As I consider above,
if someone said to his teacher,
"I studied your skills (that is, I copied your skills).
So give me some professional works or introduce some,"
what he really does to his teacher is
saying "I want to be a 'intelligential manual laborer' in creative fields
and hire me."
(I mean, a "intelligential manual laborer" is, for example, a computer operator without his own ideas.
Even he has intelligence studied in colleges and skills to operate technical computer softwares,
that is, he was cirtainly educated to some levels, as generally said,
but he does not have his own commands to himself.
That is, he is a manual laborer who operates technically but without his own creative ideas.
And more, if someone likes to do his work procedures and its aims from his heart,
and even if he is not a director,
it will be a good work and he will be not a 'intelligential manual laborer,' I strongly think.
I either DO NOT want to say here, "Manual laborers are not good."
But I want to say here "Stopping of his mind activities during his jobs is not good."
If he likes his works, everyone's heart will be moving actively, I think.)
I think he can not do works as his teacher's level with his such attitude.

When we have some skills needed our works,
our hourly fees will increase.
We can introduce ourselves as workers to get some works.
But if we can make those works in our market,
our hourly fees will increase much more.
(That is, the amount and importance of your contributions
to get some benefits
or to give some commercial products and services to other people
will change very much.)
It is a very important view point that ratio of your works' contribution
(which you want to sell to your bosses)
in total contribution of your company's products.
(A factor of the amount of total contribution of your company's products in our market
must be also important.
That usually affects on a price and unit sales of that product.)

And we are always in some stage of our growth process as human.
Even if someone looks like in a position as a 'intelligential manual laborer' now,
I think that he is in a very good position,
if he wants to get and study some professional skills in that field.
(Because he is really in a professional field.)

<Additional Writing> 2017.09.17
I added explanetions of 'intelligential manual laborer' in Japanese edition,
after this English article uploaded.

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