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331. "Live money" and "Dead money"
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"A way to use money" is important, as you have already known, I think.

We have two representations of money,
"Live money" and "Dead money."
I think that
"Live money" means "Your used money will bring back to you later"
or "Your used money fertilizes your time and value of your time."

I think that "Dead money" emerges
when you paid money and changed your money to some values
but you changed your money to
something that you do not need indeed
or services that you do not need indeed.

I can explain why "Dead money" emerges in one word.
That answer is "No Purpose to buy it."

I strongly think that how to use his money shows how to live his life.
Purposes of each actual buying action are important.
But aims of each person's life are also important like a compass in your life.
We decide every purpose by using our hearts.
So if someone's heart does not move enough,
he can not judge whether he needs something or not.

Let's think about our wants to live what we call "Great house" case.
I think a case of what we call "luxury goods" will be the same with "Great house" case.

I say here "Great house" with a term, "what we call,"
so those words means only "house with high price"
and also means that other factors are not fixed like someone with an empty face.

Unless we concretly think about what we want to buy, one by one,
we can not recognize whether what we want to buy is really our needs or not.

For example,
if "Great house" has a sound proof room,
we can play instruments with loud sounds whenever we want in 24 hours.
So the freedom degree of ways of using our 24 hours will increase.
And more,
our playing skills will glow,
so qualities of our lives will be also enriched.
So our conclusions will be that "a sound proof room" is worth to paying "its difference" from a usual room.

But in this case,
if someone bought "a sound proof room" for his vanity's sake,
I do not think he may not need that room.
And if he does not practice music in that room,
(I know there is a selection of "not use" even if he has.)
"its difference" will not work for him, I think.

If you only want to stay in gorgeous looking rooms,
I recommend you to a short stay in a hotel's gorgeous room,
then I also recommend you to feel actually your heart in such gorgeous room,
and to ask yourself whether you want or not.

"Great house" is very expensive.
So if you really buy it without enough thoughts and its image,
it will turn a heavy load for you.
And also,
it is only time waste for you,
if you have been looking for your actually useless things for long time.

Japanese house has another factor.
Japanese houses are generally commodities consumed,
unless it will become a cultural asset.
(That is,
even though we can exchange it into some money (more than 0 dollar),
according as time passes,
its asset value will decline
and it never earn any money by itself.
So we must deeply discuss about buys of our houses with ourselves.

If we have aims to buy it enough,
we can use our money effectively on our needs.
But if someone buys "Great house" only because he has a fantasy of it and with his empty image,
(We can not make any houses without plans and aims of each room.)
I do not know whether he could use his heart enough or not.

As my motto of my site top,
I want to live as "To live depending on myself freely, I think by myself,"
not to live as "To waste my money like air, I think by myself,"
nor to live as "To live what we call Great House, I think by myself."

SO I want to use my money as I can be satisfied.

If someone recommends or forces other people to use their money
without his responsibility for his words,
he is just like a thief.

(His word does not bring them any benefits but only loses their freedoms.)
We must mind a person with such words.
We do not know connections him and people who want to sell only to get money.

I never want to be forced a way to use my money.
Indeed, when I heard such words from such people,
I felt as they said "I want to rob your freedom from you."
To those words, I everytime feel that "I am not your slave."
That usage makes my money "Dead money."

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