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392. NHK Red and White Singing Festival 2017
original uploaded on 2017/12/31 16:58 (GMT) (2018/01/01 01:58 (JMT))

Japanese Edition of this blog page

I saw NHK Red and White Singing Festival at home this year, too.

By my home theater:)

I made it. (I invented it.)
Its size is 91cm x 182 cm of a corrugated plastic
(Japanese house standard unit size.)
I made one big paper from tiled selling big papers.
I taped two papers on its reverse side by transparent tape.
(Do not make any gaps between papers.)
Then I wrapped one side of a corrugated plastic by that big paper by tapes.
(Please give a caution not to make wrinkles on a paper plane.)
Then I put that wrapped plane on a wall of my room by double sided tapes.
I made a big screen on my wall.
(We can see double sided tapes through a screen.
So I recommend you to use white double sided tapes.)

It shows beautiful scenes, when I shoot scenes on it by a projector.

This invention has one important point.
Factory made staffs are very homogeneous one by one, I think.
I bought papers at a 100 yen store.
But its cut cross sections are very straight
and its quality as paper is also very homogeneous.
So we can tile papers without gaps
and we can not find borders after taping them.

It is gorgeous, don't you think?
But it is made by cheap staffs.

This year's NHK Red and White Singing Festival was also fun.
I think this live show can be made
only by living people with abilities and warm hearts.
It was a great and excellent show, I think.

I found one man who's looking is similar to me in that show.
He was not I.
If anyone misunderstands he and I, it is not good.
So, I want to write this matter in this blog to make everyone sure for the present.
(There is no possibility of my entering any already existing groups for adding a member.)

I think that I can plan a festival with a title, "A lookalike contest"
for making a movie with him as a Funnysteps plan,
because of a similarity of his looking and my looking.
For me, it is very exciting. Waku-Waku.

That plan will come true or not, I do not know.
But I heard NHK Red and White Singing Festival will also be on air in many other countries.
So I must translate this article in English soon
for avoiding everyone's confusings.
I want to sleep now...
(But I made this English version on 2017.12.31 17:45 (GMT) (2018.01.01 02:45 (JMT)).)

<Additional Writings>2018.01.01 3:04 (JMT)
I find someone with a hadle name "Sakura" wants to make links between his site and mine in a comment.
But I will make it leave with no comment.
But thank "Sakura" for your inviting.

<Additional Writings>2018.01.08
I must add another information about a screen above.
Tiled papers for a screen is taped only on one side.
So when a corrugated plastic warps,
if you push it in a strong force by hand to repair it,
gap (less than 1mm) between papers may emerge.
(I taped for more than 90 cm long, but it emerged. Why?)
For about 2 months, it keeps a good condition.
Still now, I can see movies by that screen with a gap,
because of whiteness of a corrugated plastic, I think.
In some scene, I do not find that gap
and in some scene I notice that gap.
So I want to improve it without haste in the future.

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