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552. Two gazes
original uploaded on 2018/10/10 13:32 (GMT)

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If we do nothing during our lives,
it is said "Life is too long."

Then, if we got some abilities and we can do better than other people,

then what will happen is

"We can make our abilities into A BUSINESS," I think.
(I want you to make caution, "Do not disturb other people and Do not do such bad business,
even if you think that you can "do better" than other people.)

if we want to make some height of a mountain of achievements,
it is said "Life is too short."

in any cases of aiming to the top of a performances or any skills or any schalor fields,

we had better not focus on a win to other people, that is, comparing to other people,
because there should be more upper level achievements than a level of our present best that we can make.

So, we can make challenge to the top level of the heaven
(if it is there, and I want to write here to the top of this our world.)
to our heart's content
and that challenge is to be done
, I think.
("We need more time than our giving life time," I want to say.)

If I could say again an upper discussion as usually said in a science research field,
"To compare to other humans or To compare to the world, the nature facts,"
that is, To compere our human wisdom or knowledge or our human abilities between humans
or we truly feel a fact that
there is our unknown things in the whole of creation the universe all nature.

I think that there are two gazes and two sights from two view points.

However far and deep and forever I can challenge something in this world
(Caution: We need an assumption of making growth of ourselves in real.)
a very glad and fun fact for me.

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