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575. Shooting stars
original uploaded on 2018/12/14 15:35 (GMT)

Japanese Edition of this blog page
Tonight was a peak night of Gemini meteor shower.
(A night, we can see the largest number of shooting stars
appear from dusts which are left by a comet, Phaethon,
in a year.)

I could see a few of shooting stars between clouds in a brief time.
So I think that more shooting stars had ran on the sky in real.

It was very beautiful.

I become in a very good mood.
So I show you here a haiku (5-7-5 Japanese letters' poem)
that I made few years ago.

In English,

I want to add scientific explanations.
Shooting stars are phenomenons
which occur
when dusts and rocks on the Earth orbit around the Sun
enter into the air of the Earth
and brightly lighten and fired by friction heats with the air of the Earth.
And more,
if they have not fired to extinct and drop on the Earth,
they become meteorites
and shower and reach on the Earth surface.
(On a case they are big,
they make craters as marks of their collisions on the Earth surface.
As a famous story,
it is said that dinosaurs extincted
by falling of a big meterorite in the bay at the next of Yucatan Peninsula.
I heard that that crater became that bay.)

And my story continues.
Even they are fired and we see they have extincted,
their (those dusts and rocks) atoms will be caught by the Earth gravity.
(those status are combined with atoms of the Earth air, for example, Oxygen.)
Then, finally,
they (dusts and rocks on the Earth orbit around the Sun) will become a part of the Earth.

shooting stars occur all around a year.
even if they are nature phenomenons,
we do not use shooting stars as a season word.
(In a usual haiku,
we need to put a word represents a season into 5-7-5 letters.)
I think that a haiku about shooting stars
is one of new kinds of haikes in a present universe era.

<Additional writings>2018.12.14(GMT)
I always say that I want to make artistic works

I want not only to explain and interpret other peoples' works
but also I want to make my own works and show them!!!!!
(I want to exist as a player, not as a critic :)
For me, making interpretations are studies for making my own works.)

I will show my works often,
(I want to show them more.)
please look at them.

(In meterorite entries into the Earth air,
they are usually said that dusts will vapor.
But in a entry time,
because they will be very hot to be atomic nucleuses,
they will combine with other atoms surrounding them soon.
Please see also an article, "449. A belly of NASA's space shuttle.")

<Additional writings 2>2018.12.14(GMT)
I want to explain one of view points
of my upper haike :)

I understand existences of many various ways of viewings, tastings and having your own feelings.
But I want to send you one of view points (interpretations) of my upper haike.

Shooting stars "break when they are lightening"
and "are lightening when they break."

in a time when we can see shooting stars
original dusts and rocks of shooting stars are breaking.
In my haike,
words of "A shooting star" break into "shooting" and "a star."
I could show a very time and space that shooting stars are born (dusts are breaking.)

<Additional writings 3>2018.12.14(GMT)
I want to explain one of view points
of my upper haike

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