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94. Mr. Trump and smiles to him
original uploaded on 11/09 08:15 (GMT)

Japanese Edition of this blog page

In Japan, I saw TVs about Today's American election
and I found a result that Mr. Trump will be the next American President.

I do not live in the U.S. and I am not a citizen of the U.S., either.
So I said nothing during this election campaigns for selection of the next American President.
(I saw NHK Special Program (Japanese site) about this election in Japan.)
A reason for why I did not say about that
is because I do not wanted to say about that without evident information.

But, now I have something I want to say.
So I will write below.

I heard in news programs that Mr. Trump said,
"When women see me, every of them are smiling to me with a similar face,"
and he also said that "So I am very very attractive for every woman."
(I heard like that in Japanese.)

But, I just feel that
when women are smiling to someone with a similar face each other,
they are smiling for showing fake smiles to him.
"Fake smiles" are their transparent masks.

I think, women's faces are not similar to each other,
when they are smiling relaxed and with open hearts.
And at such times,
each of all women blossoms with her original and unique face in her nature.

I think, when a woman makes a fake smile,
her wants or her emotions patterns are mainly three.
That is,
1. She is on business and wants him something her convenience.
2. She does not feel him as a safe man like her father or some other believable men.
    So she is protecting herself by not to arise any his motivations to herself.
3. She only want to pass through strangers with no trouble.

So, I definitely do not think I am liked by her,
if she made any fake smiles to me,
And I never want to enter in such her heart.

If all women who met Mr. Trump
really showed such their similar and one pattern faces to him,
I will not trust such a person.

I want supporters of Mr. Trump also to read this site articles freely
(Please read my policies of this site.)
and I wish that this site articles may make some good chances to anyone
for thinking more deeply
and for living depending himself freely.
(In this site, I do not write who of Americans politicians I support, because I am Japanese.)
I do not want to show any my negative attitudes to supporters of Mr. Trump about this election.
I want to say anyone that thinking deeply can be very good for us.
But, I do not know that we, foreigners of the U.S.A,
may feel this situation will really make "Strong America."

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