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95. To select freely
original uploaded on 2016/11/09 10:43 (GMT)

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What is freedom?
To me, this question seems to a big theme.

I think that "to live freely" means "to live depending on my heart freely."
I turn this term into detail actions.
Then "to live freely" is "to act as depending on my heart."
And more I think deeply,
"to live freely" turns to
"to select freely a plan of my next action which suit my heart and my feelings
and to act as such freely."

Whether I can act as my heart or not in fact
depends on
whether I have needed skills and needed technics or not
or whether I have enough money to do such or not
or whether I get needed others cooporations or not
or whether I get chances to do such or not.
(I think that anyone can make his chances by himself, if he does not have a chance.)
(If someone do annoying actions to others,
he loses their trusts.
Then he also may lose his living fields, I think.)

But whatever we want to act,
we must need selections of the next our actions.
we must notice those all possible selections.
And if those ideas do not exist in this world or in our heads,
it is important that we make those neccesary ideas by ourselves.
We can not do what we do not know.
If we do not have enough number of plans to do,
we must face to a situation that our amount of freedom is limited by a lack of selections.

I think that to suggest new notices and new ideas is one of aims of art.
(When we show some art works, I think they must contain new ideas in the world.)
And because teachers give new notices to students,
(Text books has many new unknown ideas and many new unknown subjects for students.)
educations also contribute to their living freely.
And research also contribute to our living freely,
because there is no paper article without new ideas or new view points.

To make suitable actions to our hearts and our feelings
is difficult for men whose ability levels are still those of newborn babies.
To get your desired conditions and your desired world,
(Because all we have our hearts each, no one can get anyone else.)
I think you must make enough and neccesary efforts to get them.
In this world, your desired conditions and your desired world
never come to you without any your effective actions
or any your effective efforts,
because the principle of cause and effect perfectly controls our world.

I think that a freedom socity allows you whichever selections to act to get freedom by yourself
or to act for giving up to get freedom by yourselef.
(It seems that whether you know how to keep your trying and how to make your efforts effectivly
influences your future results strongly.)
I think you lose possibilities to live as youreself,
if you do not learn everything, needless to say school subjects.
(Only not knowing makes you disadvantageous
when you want to select your best selection, that is your most suitable selection.
And if you give up thinking by yourself,
you will act as a someone's puppet.)

We can talk each other about this theme freely
and we can put new ideas in our actions soon.
This our situation strongly owns the fact that we live in freedom societies.
I thank that fact very much.

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