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July 22nd, 2016 Japanese Edition opened

Even when I add or change something to published pages,
I notice them on this page.

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Interpretations of Kokin-wakashu-
("Interpretations of Kokin-wakashu-")

I want to re-interpretate all wakas of Kokin-wakashu from every aspect.
I found vivid livings of ancient Japanese people.
But it is difficult to translate old Japanese to English
without any interpretations.
So, I am sorry to omit them.
Who is speaking to you?

This page shows about
General Manager of Funnysteps, Masao Takaku.
And I wrote my policy of this site.
Please read this page first.
Start from deep points

We usually think "I understood it,"
but at many times it is not the full of it.
That situation is not comfortable for us, in fact.
And when we understood something from the bottom,
our thinkings become really free from others.
That is, we can think it by our own brains.

I want to help you.

Now partly opened. (2017.09.28 GMT)
My art works

Ideas taste good for us, don't you?
I think that the interpretations of others works are important studies to make my own art works.
I want to make my own art works.

Partly opened!!
Writing strategies

My strategies are to be surely read to the end of your writings.
I think this is one way that helps you to learn how to write your own unique and clearly understood writings.
Thinkings bring you something new

These pages are thinkings and findings of Masao Takaku, General Manager of Funnysteps.
As "My Art Works," this blog is also strong pointed on new creation of values and findings.

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