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177. We are often said, "Study! Practice!", but...
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We often say to children, "Study!",
or on the other hand, we were often said that in our childhoods.

Then, if we are said so,
we never study anything just because we are said so.

This is our truth.

I think this situation is normal for us.
And I think such our statue are natural
and this is our reality.

Why I think so is because we usually do not do such strange things,
that is, that we do what we do not want to do
to follow others orders without any claims
because we are ordered forcibly by anyone.

We can not accept such abnormal situations.
So we never do what we do not want to do, just because we are ordered.

We have reasons not to do something,
and we have reasons to do anything, I think.
("Because we do not feel good when we do it" is also a reason not to do it.)

For me, it is interesting without any discussions
that I know or understand new things
and my ability glows by learning new things.
And I think that unknown things causes our anxieties for our living at bottom.
(We need informations to protect our lives, don't you?)
So when I recommend anyone to get new informations and our understandings of those things,
I usually recommend him "Why do you not study it? It is good taste. Would you eat it?"
I think that learning anything is one of our liking stem from our natures as humans.
(I wrote reasons to recommend learning anything in "Start from deep points."
(I am sorry that English edition of these pages have not opened yet.
I want to open them soon.))
If we do not like learning as human nature,
we are not healthy in mind each other, that is, I and recommended people,
when I recommend them what I do not like it.

In cases that someone does not have any motivations to learn
or he does not notice his demands or motivations to learn,
learning is not what he want to do in his heart.
So I think that it is normal he does not study something.
(Sometimes, "people who recommenders others to study" do not know "reasons to want to study"
or do not feel those motivations in their hearts.

Their words do not have any realities.)

And more,
It seems that there are people whose hearts (motivations) and actions
do not agree to each other
such as "someone who pretends to like something
and who packs huge amount of literal knowledge about that in his head"
(He has only knowledge!)
or "someone who pretends to want to do something what he do not want to do that
and do that slapdash without his heart"
or "someone who do something only because he want to be seen from others"
(I think this is one of motivations
of ones who do not accept themselves and do not love themselves in their hearts.)
or "someone who stays there voluntarily
but does not enjoy staying there
and pretends to enjoy in others acts."
But I think they may be free from doing what they do not want to do,
if they do not want to do that.
I also think that they may also be free from saying "I like it very much"
about what they do not feel so
What incontinent reasons are there for them?
(I hear deeply such people's tellings and I watch them carefully.
Then I often doubt they do not like what they said that they liked it.")
I want to say to such people,
"You are free from lying anything in such situations."

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