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242. Alcoholic drinks and an old legend
original uploaded on 2017/03/30 09:27 (GMT)

Japanese Edition of this blog page
I thought nature of alcoholic drinks
in "123. Power Stickers of Funnysteps (the 13th card of the 1st series)
"After Drunken, I find true myself living in me.""

I want to step to "Legend of (Yamatano Orochi)."

"Legend of (Yamatano Orochi)"

This story is that
" (Susanoo no mikoto: one of old gods in Japan, Male)"
conquest a big snake with 8 heads, " (Yamatano Orochi)," by cutting all his heads.
And after killing " (Yamatano Orochi)," he found a big sword from "'s (Yamatano Orochi's)" tail by cutting it.

When " (Susanoo no mikoto)" cut "'s (Yamatano Orochi's)" 8 heads,
he made " (Yamatano Orochi)" drunken and sleep.

This story is a legend,
so it may based on a true story in the human real world
and someone made this fantasy from those true events
, I think.

8 heads and (Sake: Japanese Alcoholic drinks made from rice.)
I do not think that
they make him drink for only throwing " (Yamatano Orochi)" off his guard,
as we usually said.

8 heads means 8 faces.
(In Japan, (8) means "many."
So it means many faces of one person.)
So the big snake with 8 heads and one body, " (Yamatano Orochi),"
may have been a spy

who had many individual characters and faces and names in many countries
and collected information of them.

If he knew inner information of countries or groups,
he could be a strong enemy.

By making him drunken till full by strong alcohol,
" (Susanoo no mikoto)" found his true statue, that is, who was he.
Then he found a man who is called " (Yamatano Orochi)," is a betrayer of him.
I guess this event was a base of legend.
If " (Yamatano Orochi)" induced accidents including internal troubles,
for example, internal troubles in family,
by his talks (which is changed for person by person) in various countries,
"'s (Yamatano Orochi's)" death will make peace with surrounding countries return rapidly,
a killer would be an hero.
(If this story happened in one country,
this spy could make information between family members confused and jammed.
So he could make family members quarrel each other.)

(#)I write upper discussions more concretely (My thinking are deeper.)
When a spy drink alcoholic drinks
and one of his faces and his statues which he showed only some people, not all,
he become not to do actions to them.
So he stops his moving to deceived people by that face.
I guess this story teller wrote this event as "off one of his 8 heads."
We usually read straightly this representation as killing "Yamatano Orochi."
So we do not understand why he cut "'s (Yamatano Orochi's)" tail one more.
Only after " (Susanoo no mikoto)" solved all troubles
(making every conflict calm, making peace return again and truly this spy dead,)
he can be a hero.
He must do such actions, so this story teller make him cut "'s (Yamatano Orochi's)" tail
(which is the origin of 8 heads.)

And I want to say more about " (Omiki: sake offered to the gods in Japan)."
(This is only my imaginary story.)

When we drink alcoholic drinks,
we find our true statue living in our bodies, I think.
So we can find an evil heart of a person who is evil.
When we meet such event,
if we felt that bad monster living in his heart
got out from his body,
we may feel that " (Omiki)" has powers to clean up evils.

Relations between alcoholic drinks and us (humans)
keeps since ancient times till now, I think.
(Because of human nature. So it is a science discussion.)
So I imagine an upper story from human nature.

<Additional Writeings> 2017.03.30

" (Susanoo no mikoto)" is also said as a rowdy fellow.
If so, I do not like him.
But this legend's story is like upper shown one.
So I make my interpretations as upper.
(Every "Susanoo no mikoto" in every story in a legend
may not be the same person, I think.)

In Japanese edition, on this day I added (#) in a main part of this article.

<Additional Writeings 2> 2018.11.06

In Japanese edition, today, I added a picture and "by his talk (which is changed for person by person)" at (##). And I changed surrounding sentenses's color red.

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