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462. Mochi-BEAT's Hero Anthem
original uploaded on 2018/06/06 18:03 (GMT)

Japanese Edition of this blog page
when I stayed home cozily,
Mochi-Beat came:)

Hear you are :)

(Sorry, Mochi-Beat can only speak Japanese.)

<Additional Writings in Japanese Edition>

I forgot a title number and added it.

<Additional Writings>2018.10.24

I heard from Mochi-BEAT that
he wanted to write "Dumb-Demm Guys" as "Bad people,"
because he did not want to write an American slang, "Dumb-ass."
He never wrote about hard of hearing people or hard of saying people.

If "Dumb-Demm Guys" make someone feel bad,
I will change it into another words which means "Bad people."

<Modified Writings>2018.10.24

I worte "rubbish people" in upper Additional Writings
but I want to erase it.
So I erased it from upper Additional Writings.

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