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52. Now we are on a turning point of economy growth, I heard.
original uploaded on 2016/10/16 13:22 (GMT)

Japanese Edition of this blog page
I saw a TV program of NHK,
"Series of Money World The future of Capitalism
The first series
Can we keep growth of the world, or not?"
(Title translated by Masao Takaku.)

We often say a word, "Economic growth."
But I think that it means "Growth rate of total purchasing money of all people in the world."
When someone bought something, at that time some money and some value are exchanged.
So if someone only insist on selling something to another one,
and no one wants to buy it,
an exchanging of money and value never occurs.

(If we think contents of today's program is correct,)
That is, in this present day, we have nothing to buy, I think.

Only that happens in this nowadays world.
(This program said that growth rate of world economy becomes low now.)

I want to explain my upper said matters with more words.
We have already had our needing matters enough for keeping a level of our comfortable life,
that is, big amount of our needing matters have already existed as manufactured products in our world.
After spreading of PC, we have not seen any large selling manufactured products which are more than 200 dollars.
(A price of a smart phone is lesser than PC,
so it is not seen pulling power of world economy.)

If we sell refrigerators to a society without it,
we can sell it till it will be spread to all family in that society.
Cars are, too.
And clothes are, too.

For example, I want to talk about refrigerators here.
If we want to sell more refrigerators in a already spread society,
we must make a house situation without a refrigerator,
that is, a situation that his refrigerator is broken.
And that situation probably make him strongly need buying another one.
That action means makeing demands forcibly by human hands.
I heard bad news that
recent refrigerators are made in a condition of less than ten years service time,
that is, shorter service time than old ones.
(If my talking is wrong, please notice me. Thank you for your cooperation:))

And more,
new and not luxury goods are selling in cheap prices (like goods selling at 100 yen stores.)
We can get good value goods in relatively inexpensive prices at second-hand shops.
In some cases, beyond our expectations,
second-hand goods look more unique than new released goods in usual stores,
because we can avoid uniformity designed by fashion companies, that is, fashion trends.
Some people (including me) select second-hand ones as their wills.

So there is no new genre of productions
(in a case of refrigerators, we have no new kind of refrigerators.)
Nowadays cars also works good and runs good and they are safe enough.
And we have already been reaching to the best rate
between amount of fuel consumption and running distance.
If upper story is correct,
car production companies may need to spread new kind of cars,
that is, for example, cars with AI technology, in this world.
(I think this AI technology is not clearly declared
who will take AI's responsibilities in cases of accidents.
I think machines without a person who take responsibilities
will break our human world.
We must ask companies
who want to progress introducing AI machines
in a questionnaire survey form,
that is, who are you planning to take responsibilities of AI machines
in cases of accidents induced by AI machines

So, one of causes of decreasing of economic growth is
vanishing of "Frontier" of buyers, that is ,"Front Line" of buyers
who want to buy new genre productions, as my upper story.
I think another my reason of avoiding buying new machines is
because I do not want new generation productions
which born for fulfilling dreams to satisfy engineers and company needing.

New generation productions which are only on a line of technological progresses
do not always contribute to make our wanting life from our hears.
We do not need to be bound by company's business reasons.
So we do not buy such productions.

I think, only from a side of sellers,
we do not find essences of decreasing of economic growth.
"Not needed sellers,"
that is, "Sellers who do not have results of selling in the present days
(although he had good results in past)"
do not find true reasons of unsellable present conditions.

I think, three steps are important.
1. We have better know ending of expecting more future happiness than present one brought by more having staffs
is coming.
2. We must dream from our hearts
what kinds of life we truly want from our hearts.

(In usual, we always want to use our money
for important matters for us.
And this situation may show that money shows our possibilities,
So, unless we do not dream our truly wanted lives,
we can not find proper ways of using our money
, I think.)
3. And, DO in real!!!

We want to buy gladly what we really want.
If some new generation productions have a kind of features which our truly want,
we will buy them.

That makes new frontiers of buyers.
If we can satisfy old type ones and live our lives without troubles,
we want to buy cheaper old type ones rather than new type ones with higher prices
and we can save our money by those differences.
In that case, we do not buy new one.

Till now, it may be that
"our using money for buy something" = "Amount of value we've got by getting it"
But this relationship will be effective
till new genre productions spread to everyone who wants to buy it.
At an age when we have many second-hand staffs
and many cheaper productions appears
because of saturation of growth of technology which is needed to make those productions,
upper relationship may become
"our using money for buy something" << "Amount of value we've got by getting it."
(If I only add some device on some production
and I can make that cheaper version to enough level for me,
I want to add my hands and save my money.)
So I think that we can find some value which relate quality of our life
and which are not passed from other people, aroud us.

We must think and discuss about growth of "Amount of value we've got by getting it"
rather than that of "our using money for buy something,"
I think.

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