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904. We must learn about these small things
(New coronavirus)

original uploaded on 2020/03/27 16:03 (GMT)

Japanese Edition of this blog page
I must say my status of this new coronavirus case.
I am not a medical doctor or nurse.

So, I must transmit any information in English carefully,
especially in case to the world.

I am living in Japan.
I cannot follow countries outside of Japan precisely enough.
So, I can only say something about Japanese status of New coronavirus
along with Japanese status of New coronavirus,
not for making any fake news.
I am sorry.

I want to say sorry to all unfortunate dead persons and patients.
(Too much number of dead persons have emerged.
Only one dead is big and heavy, I think.)

And I want to say ales
to now fighting all patients and their supporters
(for example, their families and friends, volunteers and governments.)
And I want to say big thank you
to now fighting all doctors, nurses and other medical supporters.

Here, I want to translate my article, No. 904, in English as below.

In Japan also,
spread of infection of New coronavirus is greater than ever,
gradually but definitely.

We cannot see coronavirus by our own eyes.
Or many people did not see infected patients by their own eyes.

By such reason,
there are many careless people in us, I think.

As a fact,
this new coronavirus is found by electronic microscope
and people with infected symptoms exist in real.

Virus is not a ghost, but exists in real.
There are infected patients and dead people against their wills.

A person who can understand this virus's character well
and can work his imagination of this unseen small things,
and then who can feel deep this virus's existence,
strongly wants to avoid being given this virus from other people,
and can move such.

Is this story right or not?

What do you think?
(I found someone who want to put on a mask but does not have.
Please do not blame them.)

A fact that patients with unknown links to known patients exist
means that there are many unknown patients without any symptoms
or without noticing his status because his symptom is light.
In real, a number of unknown people with this virus must exist as below.

The number of patients with unknown links times (unknown number)

It can be easily imagined that large number of unknown patients
without any symptoms or with light symptoms.

Careless actions by person who cannot understand this virus deeply
(Even if understanding is well, we cannot protect enough.)
may induce spreading of infection at speed over double games.

I want to recommend you to protect yourself with good understandings and strong will.

(I think that whether you can act as protecting yourself or not
depends on
whether you had learned and understood enough about these small things unseen by our eyes.

I think that we have better learn about virus in elementary school age.)

Our stress may tend to be up because we must not go out our home.
But now is the most important time not to spread this virus large.

We must hold out
to stop another "human → human" infections, I think.

< Additional Writings > 2020.03.28(JST)
Does severe situation come for sake of all of us?

we must do self-refrain from sales activities.
such as many people's meeting and events and eat-in restaurants.

And in a case of eat-in restaurants,
even if it opens,
no eater is there,
because many people cannot go there.

These happen due to everyone's wants to protect themselves.

restaurant owners' and event holders' annoyance emerge
for protecting all people's lives
, I think.

I think that
we have better give our (public) money to restaurant owners and event holders
with "Thank you and sorry".
(we must avoid that they truly be hurt by virus.

And more, I do not calculate how much we need for that purpose.)

... although I propose this suggestion,
I have not heard any income information.

I cannot pay any tax now.

For me, this situation is not good.

< Additional Writings 2 > 2020.03.28(JST)
Tactics against pandemic

To do avoiding actions to unseen small livings,
such as bacteria and virus,
for preventing ourselves,

we must have information of unseen small livings,
such as those knowledge, theorems and mechanism for prevention,
in our brain.

So, in advance
we must need to learn existence of unseen small livings,
such as bacteria and virus,
how they infect us
what symptoms are induced by them,
what actions can prevent from infected them
and what theorem we must follow, I think.

Usual news starts to say
like "New coronavirus have emerged. It is a very big incident."

Before such event happens,
we must get many peoples agreements as the groundwork
by learning existence of unseen small livings,
such as bacteria and virus, in school.

By this groundwork,
understanding of importance of avoiding action to virus
may sink and be fixed into our brain.

Such feelings of importance become their motivations
to make themselves do avoiding actions.

I think that this learning is very important for that point.

(During a lower grade of elementary school,
we have better start to learn existence of unseen small livings, I think.

I want to survey whether this subject is in Europa countriesf textbooks or not.

If we did not know reasons why we must do something,
it is natural for us that we never do such actions,
even if it is said as appropriate one.)

We cannot feel existence of unseen small livings in our usual life
and we cannot find whether we touch them or not.

only by our own experience,
it may be impossible for us
to find some appropriate actions against such small livings, I think.

By Louis Pasteur and so on,
we know existence of unseen small livings,
such as bacteria and virus,
and we know that some of them attack us.

We got these findings after 19th century.

Till that,
we cannot treat them appropriately for protecting our lives, even if in medical scenes.

From this story.
I think that those are very difficult discoveries for us, human,
to find existence of these unseen small livings
and to notice those existence.

If we did not learn them,
we must find them by ourselves.

Although their existence is proved logically and as science,
we cannot notice their existence by our knowing based on our experiences.

Then, we cannot treat them appropriately.

learning is a very important key, I think.

And more,
this virus's survival and spreading strategies are
transportation by human and infection from human to human.

We must avoid human's going in and out or crowds.

If we want to achieve avoiding these situations enough,
economic crisis will occur necessarily at the same time
, I think.

if government does not show economic rescue plans
with their demands,
such as prohibit going out from our houses, self-refrain of economic activities,
and lock-down of town,
someone may die by money lack, not by this virus
, I think.

Although this is my completely personal opinion,
we must wait and see for at least a month
after no new infected patients completely.
(Please take care for a number, 1 month,
because I leaded this number from my imagine.)

We cannot watch and chase this virus's moving precisely.

these fights are more severe than other viruses

Because we cannot see them,
our personal experiences and knowledges can be useless.

we must need to learn conclusions
leaded by scientific observations and thoughts.

I learned much from today's NKH Special (TV program),
Thank you very much.

I have not managed my company with any loans.

But even if some companies have money on the books
with real estate, such as stocks and lands,
they are not cash.

if they did not have any cash,
their presidents cannot change assets into their employeefs foods
or they cannot repay their debt including accounts payable.

It will be very tough time for them, I think.

I want to call helps,
because I understand their needing of money emergency assistance.

our nowadays economy needs loans for today's economy activities.

We are living these rich lives
based on loans of future money in advance, I think.

a situation that we loan again
makes us more severe.

I want to ale not to use all people's money too much
and not to make future load small.

(Loan is heavy for us, I think.
First promise condition also is heavy.)

< Additional Writings 3> 2020.03.28(JST)
Please give us movies with understandings from the base

I want specialists of this virus
to make such understandable movies from the base.
(Rather than I make, they can make movies with more correct information.
And that situation is clearly better.)

I want them to show "existences" of this virus
by starting actual observing spot (for example, laboratory).

I want them to show scale with virus picture.
(I think that we feel deeply unseen fact with fact's impact,
then such evidence sinks our brain well.)

They are unseen livings for us.

to be honest, I want to say in serious,
in usual,
by our five senses,
we can imagine this virus's cause and result relations
only as "ghost's sake" or "haunting sake" or "someone's curse sake."

I think that we need a story starting from
"We cannot see and touch them.
So, it is natural for us that we cannot notice.
This is impossible task for us!!!",
because we will hear such understandable story from base with our big motivations.

< Additional Writings 4 > 2020.03.28(JST)
For example

From my personal opinion,
I want a movie with clearly understanding
like "How to treat DVD disks", in the first firm of DVD of Ultramans,
although I have not seen all movies of that series.
(... I talked much, sorry.
I have seen a few stories of that series.

I like to see those films
and I like big guys like Ultramans.)

< Additional Writings 5 > 2020.03.30(JST)
Holding of live acts

Because of New coronavirus,
we cannot hold any live acts with audience
in live houses and concert halls.

If we could hold lives or concerts
only with performers without audience,
and if acts holders may make
that people bought that tickets of a corresponding act
could see their special performances on only that night by WEB,
those acts holders can have some part of ticket values,
for example, a half of ticket value.

economic activities may not be "0"
, I think.

We cannot feel joy or fun by staying those actual scenes
or cannot hear and enjoy raw sounds of them.

acts holders may not get all money of ticket value.

But we can avoid situations that we cannot earn any money, I think.

I think it is important for us to have such visual distribution systems.

< Additional Writings 6 > 2020.03.30(JST)
If money exchanging is easy

To do easily what I write in "Additional Writings 5",

if a system of payments tickets money of lives and concerts
is easy for payments and repayments like LINE PAY and so on,
(How does LINE become? Hum?)

and if we can easily and certainly check accesses to their special visual stages,

audience can see special performances on that night on WEB.

And acts holders can earn some part of their estimated profit
of lives and concerts with audiences.

If we can pay our money by separate system from our bank accounts,
stolen money risks can be at least level, I think.

when we do not have any good ideas,
we cannot do any actions.

I want to show my ideas here.

I want to say

as one of my policies.

I want to post my ideas and thought into this world of everyone.

I want to do other themes also.

I do not think this idea into my business by myself.

< Additional Writings 7 > 2020.03.31(JST)
Preventing based on scientific foresights

We cannot know
who are the next target and the next next target,
because we cannot chase this unseen virus's actions.

Prevention from such virus,
all we can do are only planed prevent actions with a broader range than real
based on scientific foresights.

If some of our actions will be vain in the end of this pandemic,
we must follow these prevention tactics neatly.

(Words, "Who cannot understand this situation must be a patient",
does not have any means.

Because risk of emerging the next patients on his walking roots
will be high,
even if one more patient increase.

I want to recommend said the person to think a little bit more.)

< Correction > 2020.04.16(JST)
The number of the 2nd and 3rd Additional writings lacked

I added "2" and "3" each on titles of the 2nd and 3rd Additional Writings.

Thank you.

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