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My Art Works

Japanese Edition of this page

In this section, I show you my art works, which I daily make.

I sell some of them.
In that case, I provide links to My page of minne (Only sold in Japan) in those pages.
If you do not push a button, "Enter your cart", in a web page of minne,
selling events will never occur.
(minne system is not a one-click system.)

The page I wrote "Japanese" will be translated in English soon.
(Sorry for waiting you.)
Now Art Work 7 is English.

Art work 1

Novel "Intelligence Dive" (Japanese)

This novel is for young people.
In Japan, this novel genre is called "Light Novel (easy reading and teenager hero novels)"

Art work 2

My sketches(Japanese)
Pencil drawing sketches on papers
Sketches is not my art works, to be exact.
So I make title font smaller than others.

Art work 3

I like COLA, but it's cap does not suit us (our lives).

I do feel its cap does not suit other materials in a tray.

Art work 4

Japanese free peaceful sky in 2016 (Japanese)

Pictures of a show flight of Blue Impulse
of Japan Air Self Defense Force in Iruma Air Show 2016

Art work 5

I made a site 1.(Japanese)

I made a site of my vocal (pop singing) teacher.
Please look at it. (Japanese site but including English singing music and titles.)

Art work 6

Power Stickers of Funnysteps(Japanese)

I introduce important phrases
that I think I should not forget from my heart in every day life,
one by one.

Art work 7

LINE Sticker

Heave-ho Your Heart! "Mochi-beat"

Let's transport your heart by this cute LINE stickers character.

Art work 9

One moments in Sunshine Aquarium

I went to Sunshine Aquarium in Tokyo, Japan on 2019.03.11
and enjoyed my time there.
I show you creature's one moment photos
which I could observe there.

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