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Writing Strategies

Japanese Edition of this page

Hi, everyone!
Welcome to this page.
Nice to see you!

I think these my writing strategies are strong helps for whom likes my writings,
but for whom doesn't like my writings, they are only garbagies.

From the first beginning, I said sensational words.
But I think it is not good for you that you become to be able
to write your words and sentences in a way you don't like.
(I also think it is not good for you
that you learned anything from teachers you don't like.)

On these pages, I show you details of my watch out points of writing sentences.

This page is linked from answer pages of "Start from deep points"
for Elementary students, Junior-high school students, and High school students.
(Links are not linked in English edition yet. Please wait.)
Because how old you are is not a matter of my watch out points of writing strategies,
I think everyone can use these strategies, so I treat all of them in the same way.

At first, we will begin to think about "Why in the world do you want to write your sentences?" in the next page.

Oh, I have not showed you a table of contents of my strategies, yet.
Please look at below.

Table of contents of "Writing strategies"

Why in the world do you want to write your own sentences?
If your writing is written in correct manners, are you read all surely?
1. What condition is that matters of your writing are interesting and helpful for your readers?
2. What situation is that your writing has zero waste word and is easily and clearly understood?
Is it important for you that who is reading?
How do I write many sentences?
Attentions on short essays in entrance exams

I think my writing strategies can be used in every language.
These strategies are originally written for Japanese writings in Japanese.
So I translated them into English from the Japanese first edition.
I made English edition contents equivalent to Japanese ones.

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